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As a top WordPress development company in the USA, we specialize in providing robust, secure, and scalable WordPress development services worldwide. Whether you need a website for your blog, business, or eCommerce store.

WordPress Development Services We Provide

Custom WordPress Development Services

We offer a diverse range of custom WordPress development services at competitive prices. Our comprehensive services encompass WordPress custom theme and plugin development, bug-free and SEO-friendly website development.

Enterprise WordPress Development Services

We prioritize adherence to stringent coding standards and specialize in creating secure, realistic, and manageable websites for businesses globally. Our expertise lies in delivering enterprise WordPress solutions that offer seamless administration, streamlined workflows, and multi-platform capabilities.

Code Review and Security

At TechOverFlow, our team of seasoned WordPress developers offers comprehensive code review services for both existing and newly developed WordPress websites. We meticulously follow WordPress coding standards to ensure enhanced security and scalability in our WordPress development services.

WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Our WordPress Speed Optimization services improve website performance, resulting in higher search engine rankings and increased customer engagement. Our skilled developers guarantee lightning-fast website load speeds and complete optimization of Core Web Vitals, achieving impressive scores of 95+ on mobile and 100 on desktop.

WordPress Migration Services

Our WordPress developers specialize in seamless website migration to WordPress, preserving data, performance, and ranking. Our WordPress Migration services encompass non-WordPress CMS migration, WordPress database migration, hosting and domain migration, template migration, version upgrades, and more. Trust us for a hassle-free and efficient migration experience.

Support and Maintenance Services

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services for WordPress projects of all sizes, addressing bugs, enhancing functionality, and improving performance. Our skilled developers provide technical implementation within the WordPress platform, and we offer separate hourly slots for minor development and maintenance tasks.

WordPress Plugin Development Services

Our WordPress developers can develop custom WordPress plugins that are specifically developed to improve website performance, better functionality, and provide a great user experience. We’ve developed various WordPress plugins for global clients for multiple use cases.

Theme Design & Development Services

Our WordPress developers specialize in creating various types of themes for WordPress CMS. With our custom WordPress theme development services, our team will assist you in designing modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing interfaces that align with your specific requirements and budget.

3rd Party API Integration Services

We provide seamless and secure integration of third-party APIs and payment gateways into WordPress CMS, enhancing user experience. Our services enable a smooth two-way data flow between your WordPress platform and other applications, allowing efficient data publishing and capture.

Why Choose WordPress for Web App Development?

With WordPress, developers can build large web applications and play a huge role in reinventing front-end development.

We deliver tailored WordPress development solutions to meet the unique needs of leading industries, ensuring the most appropriate and effective outcomes.

With our extensive experience, we have successfully worked with a wide range of leading industries, including startups, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and more. Our comprehensive solutions cater to the specific needs of each business, and we offer affordable rates to ensure accessibility for all.

Technology Expertise Of Our React JS Developers

UI Libraries

Material kit   |     React-bootstrap    |     Reactstrap    |  Semantic UI     |   Ant Design    |   Chakra UI   |  Blueprint


WordPress   |    Drupal    |    Laravel   |    CI     |   Node    |     Next.js   |    Express.js


MYSQL     |     PostgreSQL    |     MongoDB    |      Elasticsearch


Facebook API     |      Instagram API     |     YouTube API    |     Google API      |    Jira REST API     |      GitHub API    |      Axios       |     GraphQL    |      REST

Cloud & DevOps

Amazon Web Services(AWS)   |    Google Cloud    |   Docker    |    Jenkins    |  Kubernetes   |    Azure

Other Skills

JSX   |    Typescript    |     Routing     |   Hooks     |   Redis    |   Redux   |  Email Template Creation   |    SEO Friendly Website Development

Version Control

Github   |    Bitbucket    |    Gitlab     |    SVN


Test Rail   |    Postman    |    BrowserStack     |    Selenium

Designer Tool

Xd Adobe   |    Invision App

Communication Tool

Skype     |       Slack     |      Microsoft Team     |    Google Chat


Zoom    |    Google Meet


Visual Studio Code   |      Sublime     |      Notepad++

Project Management Tools

Asana   |      Trello     |       JIRA      |    BaseCamp

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