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Our capabilities
Written or spoken text can be processed through ML. Capabilities include speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and automatic text summarization.
Image Segmentation
These computer vision systems have the capability to associate each pixel contained within images with a class label like a person, car, animal, flower, etc. It effectively uses computer vision algorithms to treat numerous objects from the same class as one single entity. Image Segmentation uses specialized algorithms to analyze the visual content present in an image and identify certain features in it.
Object Detection
These computer vision applications are used for image recognition tasks to identify objects and their locations. To achieve this, these systems place a bounding box around the object(s) in question, as seen here.
End-to-end Projects
We have the ability to collect and classify data, assist in any data collection strategies, and participate in the entire process, from a Proof-of-Concept to a go-to-market strategy
Generative AI
We combine state-of-the-art generative AI to unlock the full potential of creative enterprises. We believe that technologies such as Chat GPT and GPT- 3 will significantly change the tech landscape.

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